Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Urban exploration - Summerlands, a school and Chartham asylum

Me and my pals have recently discovered something called 'Urbexing' or Urban Exploration. It's been really fun searching for abandoned places and wetting ourselves walking through them, we have found some strange, strange things..

Cable tied prosthetic leg above a doorway in a room full of old life story photos was probably the highlight.

First up, Summerlands care home in Westgate, Kent. It is only recently abandoned (2 years or so) but its surprising what can be found
Now I don't normally do 'proper' photography hence some really shoddy photos, but I had to document these weird things

Roof and ceiling had completely collapsed

Other things we found in here was a completely flooded basement, we almost walked straight into it the water was so still, and there was still water running through which was the eeriest sound.

Then another day we went to a school, I can't remember where it is. Somewhere where there's trees and that.


(This was in a shop on the way there, just liked the old feel of it)

Now on to Chartham asylum, this place was very strange. We went there at night in a little convoy.

Definitely a bat.
Someone cut themselves on glass on the way in (none of my friends luckily)
Saw some nice wall paintings, then realised it was a guy from my foundation year that did them. Love Pat.

Friday, 24 September 2010

New T shirt design

Was considering starting this post with 'sup blawg'. But I didn't.
Here is the new tee design as part of the final 6 or 7 that are ready for print in around a month when I can get going properly at uni, really looking forward to it.

Not too sure about wether to keep the back print, I think I'll drop that

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Get Better. New T shirt designs

These are some of the planned designs for the new brand coming soon called 'Get Better.' Inspired by the Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip song hopefully I can capture some of their fantastic music and transfer it to a brand and t shirt design.

Of course it won't all be of that theme, but these are some planned ideas anyway, I like the simple ideas.

When I get to (Middlesex if anyone is interested) uni in a few weeks I'll be printing some of them, probably be doing polo shirts and vests too, so, if I have enough money, once I have some/all printed on different styles I can properly launch the brand in London and get promoting!

Don't forget the Facebook and (new) Myspace page


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Myspace 3.0 update

The new layout system is very nice to use, updated the Myspace if you fancy having a look. It's really simple to use now with all the modules and what not.

Pretty much using this as a portfolio until I sort out a website, I'm hoping I can work that out without too much fuss

The header or 'Marquee' is very simple to use, backgrounds are simple to use it's all going pretty smoothly. Only one problem I've had is the option to stretch the background never seems to go to the right size, that's why it's in Beta I suppose

If anyone needs a layout don't forget my price of £45 still applies