Friday, 25 February 2011

John Cooper Clarke - Evidently Chicken town prints

Here is a lino, dry point and screen prints Based on John-Cooper-Clarke having a nice big moan in the poem 'Evidently Chicken Town'
The fucking cops are fucking keen

to fucking keep it fucking clean
the fucking chief's a fucking swine
who fucking draws a fucking line
at fucking fun and fucking games
the fucking kids he fucking blames
are nowehere to be fucking found
anywhere in chicken town

the fucking scene is fucking sad
the fucking news is fucking bad
the fucking weed is fucking turf
the fucking speed is fucking surf
the fucking folks are fucking daft
don't make me fucking laugh
it fucking hurts to look around
everywhere in chicken town

the fucking train is fucking late
you fucking wait you fucking wait
you're fucking lost and fucking found
stuck in fucking chicken town
the fucking view is fucking vilefor fucking miles and fucking miles
the fucking babies fucking cry
the fucking flowers fucking die
the fucking food is fucking muck
the fucking drains are fucking fucked
the colour scheme is fucking brown
everywhere in chicken town
the fucking pubs are fucking dullthe fucking clubs are fucking fullof fucking girls and fucking guyswith fucking murder in their eyesa fucking bloke is fucking stabbedwaiting for a fucking cabyou fucking stay at fucking homethe fucking neighbors fucking moankeep the fucking racket down
this is fucking chicken town

the fucking train is fucking lateyou fucking wait you fucking wait
you're fucking lost and fucking found
stuck in fucking chicken town

the fucking pies are fucking old
the fucking chips are fucking cold
the fucking beer is fucking flat
the fucking flats have fucking rats
the fucking clocks are fucking wrong
the fucking days are fucking long
it fucking gets you fucking down

evidently chicken town

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Editorial illustrations - War of the worlds and the encyclopaedia of how long things take

Here are the 4th and 5th briefs from our set of editorial work.

First one is based on the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. It was first broadcast (Directed and narrated by Orson Wells) in 1938 with a series of news bulletins.
Many American's thought it was real and it caused widespread panic! Great story

Here my 4 drawings show Orson reading the broadcast, then vacated places; a pub, a house and a train (might want to click to view larger)

The second set is about the encyclopaedia of how long things take, I chose how long a Polaroid takes to develop


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Speech is silver, Silence is gold

Another one of our quick few days briefs, this is illustrating an article about how we all have increasingly large vocabularies from a young age, but as we get older the percentage of words from our bank we use declines.

Here are the useless words he knows pouring out of his head


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Smoke filled room

This brief was designed to produce an outcome similar to editorial illustration in the Radio Times, here is an example by Anne Clegg.

We were asked to make an image 37.5 x 71.5mm, not used to working that small! But here's my shot:

I've also been working hard on my brand and fanzine with Dan Duncan called 'Get better'. I'll be printing very soon so keep an eye out.