Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New sketchbook

My dad is doing some work for an old man who is or was an architect. He found out I was going to do illustration at middlesex and gave me two amazingly nice sketchbooks. So nice of him, hopefully I'll meet him at some point!

The paper is FAT

Also I plan in all this awesome free time I have now, and with Handmade and bound coming up to make a book/fanzine of people I really respect/like, with drawings of them, page each. The list is growing too much already! Really hard trying to shorten it.

stephen fry
ben weinmann
ben folds
regina spektor
jimmy carr
david mitchell
derren brown
mr bingo
tommy rogers
charlie brooker
dr dre (yep)
rou reynolds
corey taylor
dave grohl
jermaine and brett (flight of the conchords)
scroobius pip
keaton henson
karen foster (aww)
matt stone + trey parker
seth macfarlane
rob mcdonald

anyway spose we need a bit of art

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