Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A creation story

In the beginning was the creator Artifex. Artifex was bored with having infinite time, darkness and nothingness so he devised a plan to create some friends.

They are going to need light to see he thought, so he created a ball of rock and set it on fire, this became the Sun.

They are going to need a sky and a moon to look at he thought, so he created thousands of balls of rocks and one special one he made out of cheese and called it the moon.  
They are going to need a place to live, he thought.  So between the sun and the moon he moulded another ball of rock, rolling it around in his hands until he had created a planet.

Now he had made their home, and it was perfectly visible and warm with all the sun’s rays, he began work on the first people.

I’ll make two types, he thought, and I’ll call them Man and Woman.

So he set off making man. He sculpted the heart, lungs and all the other parts and laid them out in front of him. He made a soft ball and rolled out four sausages, a smaller ball and a thicker sausage for the middle.
He put all the parts in the middle section and sealed them in. “This seems a bit floppy” he thought.

So he created hard bones and moulded the sausages around them. “That’s better!”

He pieced them together bit by bit, and after many attempts, he made a man that looked just right.

“This man needs a friend!”
He made woman in a similar way as man, and laid them next to each other.
Suddenly, they started moving and took their first breath of life!

After a bit of wandering, man said to Artifex, “we are hungry and thirsty”
So Artifex pulled up mountains and poked gigantic holes across the planet and filled them with water.

He also gave man crops and animals, so they could live and eat together. 

Artifex was hugely proud of his creation and wanted more people to inhabit his vast planet.
He took measurements and data from his man and woman and set to work.
After three days and three nights he had made all new kinds of men, women and animals and they lived together in the beautiful world he’d created.

Artifex’s work was done, and in a spectacular flash of light and storms, he was gone.

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