Saturday, 17 April 2010

How to make an oil lamp

Yep, today is camping day. This is nothing to do with illustration but I thought it was cool, so let's show you how to make an oil lamp. I don't care how nerdy this post is, I think it's awesome.

Get yourself a stylish vodkat bottle

Pierce the lid in the middle for the wick to go through, say hi to mum and Ralph

Cut yourself some cotton wick. This one didnt work so I used socks

Fill it up 2 thirds with water and the rest with oil. I used cooking oil but olive oil is all good (and wont set on fire when some nobber knocks it over)

Dunk the wick and lid in slowly, then let it sit for about an hour while the wick soaks up the oil. In this hour I would recommend playing Captain forever. Sweet game.Then its ready to burn, should last ages. Tomorrow if Im not too hungover I'll be doing a post about camping, and you'l see the magnificent oil lamp in action shots

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