Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New sketchbook stuff

Im really liking these inks and this drawing style. Been practising drawing people and as mr kugler (il do a post on his work at some point) told us himself to properly look and not cut corners. I've been taking his advice and trying out this kind of inky drawings..

Laurens watercolours are pretty inspiring too, loving that. Skills for getting on the Flickr page, well impressed!

Totally unrelated, my very good pals The Midnight Routine have released their first two songs for free, amazing work guys Im lovin' it as they say at KFC. So look out for them, I should be designing their Myspace very soon..

Anyway picture time


  1. thanks alex :) inks look good! did you draw that tablecloth?! or is it collage. first page looks good

  2. Cheeers :D nar didnt draw the tablecloth lol, thatd be quite impressive. oo dya get the facebook invite for handmade and bound from anne on facebook? We should all go, july 4th in whitstable

  3. haha i was gonna say! serious serious skills if you had, it's good anyway though! nah i didn't but i just went and looked and i remember her mentioning that to me! yeah we should definitely go, would be goood